Drumming Benefits

Drumming is fantastically powerful, not only in making you feel good, but literally changing your brain! It synchronises the right and left brain hemispheres, and increases alpha brainwaves, leading to a natural high, feelings of calmness, and greater insight. Research has shown drumming can boost your immune system, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure and is beneficial in many physical and emotional disorders. How great is that?! At GoodVibesGroove not only are we PASSIONATE about drumming, we are on a mission to help people feel great about themselves and find a place they can be free to let their creativity run wild.

Drum Circles & Workshops

Good Vibes Groove can provide facilitated drum circles and drumming workshops for your event. Fun and high energy, the drum circle is a sure fire way to get everyone playing together in no time, even those who have never touched a drum before! We love holding circles at festivals, business events, schools, and even weddings and birthday parties. To talk to us about your event needs, get in touch.

Lichfield Community Drum Circle

At the monthly drum circle you can experience the thrill of making music in a group. In each circle we combine the wonderful benefits of drumming with other therapeutic techniques like Mindfulness, meditation, and movement. Read more

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