Lichfield Lantern Parade


Drumming @ North Lichfield Lantern Parade

Good Vibes Groove led the drumming for North Lichfield Lantern Parade 2017. This fantastic event is held at the end of October every year, taking in the Dimbles shopping area of Lichfield and the surrounding streets.

We started out at Chadsmead school, playing in the hall while families gathered and collected up the lanterns they had made in the weeks running up to the event. The lanterns were brilliant, ranging from paper mache butterflies to a very scary pumpkin face. The kids did really well at making these inventive designs and they looked very spooky as we marched the streets.

Our friend Dave (pictured in the viking-looking wooly hat!) had very kindly brought along some stick on lights that we put inside our drums. We quite literally lit up Lichfield that night as you can see from the pictures.

After the parade we made our noisy way back to the car park and set up some chairs for a community drum circle. Everyone stayed and had a lot of fun playing drums, shaker, rattles, bells, and anything else they could get their hands on. What a great night!

Posted by Joanne Smith on Friday, 27 October 2017
"Thank you to guys for a wonderful evening leading our lantern parade in Lichfield. The community thoroughly enjoyed joining in after too".

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